Online health advice
for a flat fee of £6
J. Moona, UK registered pharmacist4th March, 2023
We take care of
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Rapid assessmentGet your initial diagnosis. Ask if you should you visit the A&E, GP, buy medicine or rest and relax
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Medicine guidanceAsk us anything about your medicine: compatibility, dosage, side effects, directions of use
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Health improvementGain valuable health advice about minor ailments and major diseases alike
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Baby & child healthGet personalized advice on safe medications, proper dosages, and essential care tips
As fully trained clinical professionals, pharmacists are perfect for anybody suffering from a minor illness to get expert advice. It’s a great way to nip an issue in the bud before it potentially worsens.
How it works
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Have a health issue?Is it an emergency? Is it worth waiting 8 hours? 3 days to see if your GP will solve it? Do I need a prescription?
Get seen nowSpeak to a qualified pharmacist for a flat fee of £6, and get your initial diagnosis, medicine guidance, health answers.
Our working hoursWe are open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm, British Summer Time, GMT+1.
UK pharmacistsMeet our independent pharmacists with years of experience caring for patients in community pharmacies across the UK
From giving basic health tips, to answering illness-specific questions, Pharmacists are excellent in advising patients to make healthy life choices. They also counsel patients on mental health, stress management, and suggest consulting the right health professional if needed.
Yan WiskerMD at UCLH Hospital, London
Really excellent service. Thank you for helping with my baby. Put my mind at rest. Now I can safely wait to see GP if need be Pharmacist went through all the medicines I have in home, so I didnt have to buy anything anyway.
Cheryl BaneMother
I recommend takecare to everyone. I have a very busy life. The way Pharmacist explained everything meant I can easily plan ahead. Pharmacists are really healthcare heroes.
Michael GreenLawyer